Welcome to TatChat - the dedicated app connecting the tattooed society of the world.

The tattooed society is huge and growing, and TatChat is dedicated in connecting 1.2 Billion tattooed people worldwide. In the US alone there are 45 Million tattooed people.

Anonymously show your tat and see other people's tats around you.
You can like, skip, follow or post on others Tat Walls. Yup a tattoo and if it Yups you back you may chat.

TatChat is FREE and puts a smile on the face of all tattoo enthusiasts that hear of it. It delivers a genuine feeling of exclusive belonging.

In TatChat your name, face, gender, nationality and age are of no importance!
The focus and attention belongs entirely to the art on your skin - its place, color, style and theme.

Voice your tattoo by joining us. We are one and united we stand big.

Have fun, explore and enjoy your TatChat journey.

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